Meet us

A Family Team

We are the Hamdy Family. Our family team has many years of experience in working with guests from all over the world, hosting many of them in our own apartments at the family home. Our detailed knowledge about the history and geography of the Upper Egyptian and Western Desert area, a profound understanding of the people and their life in the villages and a great love for this, Our Egypt, are your guarantee for a memorable journey to our country.

Our goal is an honest tourism coming from the heart. Together with you we want to travel Our Egypt and enjoy the people and places we visit. We are not all about temples and tombs but the countryside and the people who live and work in it. Our aim is to stay away from the tourist traps and offer you a taste of the real life in Egypt. Come as a guest and go as a friend.

Rahmah Travel / Manora Travel

Rahmah Travel and Manora Travel are official Tourist Companies, registered by the Ministry of Tourism of the Arabic Republic of Egypt, license numbers 1399 / 2158, where we are part of. Both companies are authorized to practice all kind of tourism related activities.

Hamdy Mohamed Mosa personally is as a guide and driver also associated with the Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA).

Rahmah means compassion and mercy. Compassion is one of the greatest virtues and is seen as a part of love itself. In compassion we want to help you in everyway possible to realize your Egyptian travel dream. Mercy is for everyone and its mercy we all need. May our travels be blessed with mercy!

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