Desert Hygiene

There is no reason to fear the desert environment. Remember that there is nothing unique about trekking through the desert. Bedouins have lived in and crossed the deserts for thousands of years. The desert itself is very clean, dry and pure. You get rather dusty, than dirty.

If we talk about hygiene in the desert, prepare yourself for a trip without sanitary facilities: no electricity, running water, flush toilets and chemical lavatories. We camp wild and use what nature is giving us.

Proper mess sanitation is essential. We collect our garbage and take it with us, to keep the desert clean. If you have to relieve yourself, you will find a private place in our desert latrine, dig enough deep a little hole, you answer nature’s call and you cover up. Maybe it sounds primitive and you have to get used to it, but you will pick it up quickly. You’ll find out soon that the desert is much more hygienic, than an always dirty toilet on the road.

Personal Hygiene
Opportunities for washing will be extremely rare in the desert. Nevertheless we advise to maintain a proper standard of personal hygiene, as far as possible. Cleaning the areas of your body that sweat heavily is especially important and underwear should be changed frequently. So, if you want to wash yourself, look for a nice and quite place and use for instance ‘wet wipes’ or a wet washcloth to freshen up. Brush your teeth and put back with a little mineral water. Now and then we will look for a magic spring. In these springs we can really fresh up a little and even take a swim if we want. It feels great to splash around in the water in the open air and afterwards drying up in the sun with the wind blowing through your hair.

Food Preparing
Drinkable water is the most basic need in the desert, so we won’t waste water. We take however enough bottles of mineral water with us for drinking and for washing our food. We prepare our meals in a hygienic way.

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