Food and Drinks

There is just one, who knows what your stomach is like! Just because you are on holiday, don’t treat your stomach differently. If you have a sensitive stomach and tend to stay to a certain type of diet, try and do the same when you are in Egypt.

But even if you do, there is no way to guarantee you that you’re not getting ill during your trip. Isolating the single variable responsible is often an impossible task. And by that, a change of rhythm, climate and food (especially spicy food) can cause your stomach to become out of sorts. However, there are a few common sense steps you can take in order to minimise the risk of getting ill, and maintain your health in Egypt.

Drinking alcohol in the street and anywhere else, other than in a licensed restaurant or bar is not allowed. It can give problems and lead to arrest.

Theoretically anything that can be washed, cooked or peeled should be fine. Beware however of undercooked meat and fish. Some people think they have to stay away from salads and fruits. As long the food has been washed correctly, which is normally done in the hotels and at people’s home, you have nothing to be afraid of. Not eating these delicious gifts of Mother Earth, would mean missing out on some of the best taste sensations you’ll ever have in Egypt.

Egypt’s tap water is officially safe to drink, but it tastes heavily chlorinated. However, the change in water content alone can still be enough to upset your sensitive stomach. This because you are not used to drink this tap water. Therefore it’s best to stick to the bottled stuff, unless you plan to live in Egypt for a long time. It’s cheap and available everywhere. To ensure that you are in fact buying bottled water, and not a bottle that has been refilled with tap water, check that the plastic cap around the top of the bottle has not been broken and is still in place. It is save however to use the tap water for washing and brushing your teeth.

As mentioned before, very often people get ill, because they are not used to the water, nor the food. The body is reacting on these changes. But just in case you might get stomach problems, it’s an idea to bring some drugs for it with you. And if you forget, don’t worry, there are many pharmacies, where you can get everything you need. The Egyptian health care is quite well.

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