Photo and Film

Egypt is pre-eminently the country to make excellent pictures. Keep in mind however, that filming inside many museums, monuments and tombs is prohibited! As it is prohibited to photograph public buildings, military objects, police stations, etc.

There are a variety of rules governing photography and film of different sites and monuments in Egypt. These restrictions are truly in the interest of preservation of these fragile sites. Signs are usually posted in restricted areas. Please obey these signs. If you ignore these signs in restricted areas, you can be ejected from the site and it is very likely that your equipment will be confiscated.

At all open, outdoor historic areas photography and film is unrestricted.

Sometimes a ticket must be purchased to use cameras or video equipment in some areas.

At some museums and tombs you will be asked to leave your camera or video equipment in the bus or in the care of the door custodian. Ask your guide for advice how to handle.

If you want to make pictures of the local people, ask permission and give after that a tip.

Don’t forget to take with you an extra memory card for your digital camera. Of course it is also smart to take your battery charger with you or an extra battery.

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