Almost anybody who provides you with a service, and even people that do not, will ask you for a tip or baksheesh. Usually it is whispered in hushed tones by eager toilet attendants, porters who carried your bags, security guards or curators at one of the ancient sites. It is good to have an understanding of this concept prior to your trip.

Bakshees can mean a tip for service rendered, for the granting of favours or a charitable gift. Giving a tip is very widespread in Egypt. Most of the time it helps to supplement the income of low Egyptian wages. In almost all cases you give a tip after you have received the service.

Always tip as discreet as possible. It may not seem so, but people are not proud about the fact that they need your tips. On the other hand, few will make you feel guilty about what you gave. Remember that a tip is given of your own volition. Be happy giving, giving generously or not giving. You do not need to tip everyone that asks. Feel free not to tip. Don’t let someone tell you what is appropriate. Bear in mind that tipping often makes the experience a little easier and that most tips mean a lot, even though the recipient may look disappointed. As a rule of thumbs if you’re not sure how much to tip, give 10-15 % of what you paid for the service.

Whether or not monetary appreciation is displayed, Egyptians are always more than happy to help in any way they can.

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