Public Holidays

National Holidays 2012

1 January            The New Year according to the Gregorian calendar

25 January          National Police Day

18 March             Mother’s Day

25 April               Sinai Liberation Day (only Sinai)

1 May                  Labour Day

18 June               Eid el Galaa / Evacuation Day

23 July                Revolution Day / Celebrates the 1952 Revolution

15 August            Wafa’a el Nil / Flooding of the Nile

23 September     Victory over Israel

6 October            Armed Forces Day

21 October          Naval Day

24 October          Suez Day

23 December      Suez Victory Day

31 December      New Year’s Eve

Religious Holidays


16 April               Sham el Nessim / Spring Festival


7 January           Coptic Christmas

15 April              Coptic Easter

11 September    Coptic New Year


5 February         Moulid el Nabi / Prophet Mohammed Birthday

16 June              Isra and Me’raj / Night Journey to Heavens

4 July                 Lailatul Bara’at / Night of Salvation

20 July               First day of Ramadan fasting

14 August           Lailatul Qadr / Night of Power

19 August           Iftar Bayram / Eid al-Fitr / End of Ramadan

26 October         Eid el Adha / Feast of Sacrifice

26 November     El Hijra / Islamic New Year

The holidays in Islam are based on the lunar calendar. Therefore, each year the data move. The Ramadan time applies to Muslims as ‘Time of cleansing the body’ of all sins. From sunrise to sunset Muslims nor eat, drink or smoke. So, have sympathy for your tour guide during Ramadan, if he’s something irritated or not be quite oneself.

If you during Ramadan want to fly to Egypt, make sure that you book your flight on time. During this period it is extremely common to find quite a view bottlenecks in finding flight tickets.

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