Belly Dance

We believe everyone has is own way in belly dance, which s okay for us. So, shall we dance? Our personalised tours for belly dance enthusiasts are a real Egyptian experience, away from the tourist spots to experience unforgettable memories in Egypt. So, combine your exploration of the wonders of ancient Egypt with the rich experience of belly dancing.

  • Explore historical sites.
  • Learn about the music and rhythms of the Bedouin.
  • Let the magical silence of the desert touch your soul.
  • Dance barefooted in the desert sand.
  • Meet with the welcoming local people.
  • Get insight in the Egyptian culture.
  • Taste the delicious local food.
  • Learn more about the authentic Ghawazee, an Egyptian gypsy dance pasted on from mother to daughter.
  • Watch the popular Saidi stick dances as the Tahtib and the Raks Assaya.
  • Listen to Saidi music, which is typically played by traditional instruments such as the Rababa (the grandfather of today’s violin), the Mizmar (a horn which emits long, whiney tones), and various percussion instruments such as the dembek and the tabla beledi.
  • Dance the Nubian dance with the Nubian women and Nubian music in a closed area.
  • Party with the Nubian people in the open air in a Nubian village.

Which ever program you choose, these belly dance trips are unique. It is all about mystical rituals and authentic music. The perfect mix of ancient history and enduring culture … with some fun time in it as well. They will include belly dance lessons with qualified belly dancers and offer you the opportunity to get costumes, jewellery and other Egyptian handicraft. It is so beautiful to connect with the people and their life in the villages.

Every belly dance tour will be customized for individuals, couples or small groups at any time of the year. And if you are a tour leader or a belly dance teacher who likes to bring small groups to Egypt, we will welcome you from heart to heart. All tours will be accompanied by a professional tour guide.

As these belly dance tours are costume-made, it is not possible to give standard pricing for everybody. However, every effort will be made to keep the costs down. Just tell us what dates are good for you and what you want. We are at your service.

Please feel free to contact us.

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