Desert Jeep Safari

The desert, so big, so infinitely big. Silence, incredible silence. Nowhere is the silence that overwhelming as in the desert. The silence is nothing and at the same time everything. It doesn’t make noise, but yet it makes a deep impression by the sense of solely absence.

Going into the desert is a journey into the unknown, the unpredictable. It is a journey into awesome, breathtaking emptiness where the mind loses its ability to organise and the senses come into their own. As you take off your watch, switch off your mobile and let go of the need for an ‘itinerary’, you allow your soul to fly freely into the incredible landscape. Crackling campfires, curious desert foxes, deafening silence, star watching and sleeping under a clear sky are just what our overcrowded minds and lives need in order to find balance.

The Western Desert is one of the largest and most exciting parts of the vast Sahara. This immense desert to the west of the Nile spans the area from the Mediterranean Sea south to the Sudanese border. Fertile and barren areas, sandy and rocky places, mountain peaks, caves and limestone sculptures modelled by the wind. Stony and bumpy areas, the peace of the desert, palm trees, enormous sand dunes as far as the eye can see. All of which makes one speechless and in awe.

In the desert areas we travel by 4×4. A real extensive off-road experience, deep into the desert for the adventures seeking among us. Our diners, Bedouin style, will be prepared by our Bedouin drivers. Setting up overnight camps under the clear sky with a million of bright stars above us. Waking up with the colour play of the rising sun.

Be prepared for sometimes bumpy drives, somewhat limited washing facilities and time away from most basic comfort. It is inevitable that sand will find a place in every pore of your skin. We won’t spoil water, because we need it badly in these desolated areas. Toilet facilities are of the wild camping variety. If this is not deterring you, than the experiences you’ll have during this safari will be indelibly printed in your memory for the rest of your life. An off-road experience through the desert is not just another holiday outing. It is a life-changing adventure.

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