Today versus yesterday!

There are lots of people who are interested in digging up the past. People who want very much to increase their knowledge about the history of ancient humankind. We humans are craving to discover the past and who we once were. And the modern archaeologists are helping us with that, by trying to understand the interaction of humans with their environment from the remains that they left behind.

Egypt as the mother of history has something to investigate for everyone, not only for professional archaeologist, but also for the part-time archaeologists and the archaeological hobbyist. The variety of Ancient Egyptian culture (language, literature, history, art, religion, economics and ethics) is unique and a real treasure for everyone with an interest in the ancient world.

The sheer variety that encompasses the rich subject of archaeology is often underestimated. Some people become interested in certain periods, topics or even specific episodes in the past and some become even addicts! There are those drawn by the sheer power of the pharaohs, or those learning the rudiments of inscriptions so as to find the stories behind the hieroglyphs in the temples and tombs. There are also ones who digging in the sand looking for the stone walls of a lost city. Others want to understand the clues of pottery and clothing styles which told of nationality, social status or date. And there are even ones who are pulling on a wetsuit and diving into the dark sea with scuba gear. If you turn out to be one of them and have a more sincere interest in Egypt, you probably want to find out all about amazing Egypt.

If you as …

  • a professional archaeologists need professional support for your team;
  • a television crew want to make a documentary film;
  • an amateur archaeologists plan a study or theme tour, alone or with a group;

… we can arrange for you everything which is in our hands to make your wishes come true. We have many years of experience, working with several professional archaeologists and television stations. Just contact us and tell us what you plan to do and how we can be helpful in this.

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